QR Codes

QR (Quick Response) Codes are a 2D matrix type barcode that can encode much greater amounts of information than traditional one dimensional barcodes. A single QR Code can hold up to 4296 characters and 7089 digits. QR codes were first invented by the Denso Wave Corporation (a Toyota Subsidiary) in 1994 and were first used in the Japanese auto industry.

Due to their greater storage capacity and fast readability QR codes have since become popular in almost every industry imaginable. Almost all smartphones manufactured today have the capability to easily scan QR codes. Businesses can take advantage of QR codes by pointing customers to specific information relating to a service, product or promotion.

Oz Barcodes offers simple and affordable Static and Dynamic QR Code services.

Static QR Codes

Static QR codes contain information, that once generated cannot be changed. These are useful where the required information does not change.  Different types of static QR Codes include:

  • vCard (Virtual Contact File)
  • Calendar Event Information
  • Website Address (url)
  • Social Media (Linkedin, Facebook)
  • Send an Email
  • Send SMS
  • Call a Phone Number
  • Wi-Fi Access Point
  • Raw Text Data e.g. Serial Number or Alphanumeric Code
  • GS1 Application Identifier

QR Code that encodes the Oz Barcodes home page.

Dynamic QR Code

Dynamic QR codes use url redirection to point users to a website address. This means the final url shown can be changed an unlimited amount of times, hence the term “dynamic”. Useful examples include seasonal sales event pages, seasonal menus, blog posts etc.   In the example below the same Dynamic QR Code directs users to differing webpage destinations depending on the season.

In Summer the short url reiqr.com/266 redirects to example.com/summer-sales-event
In Winter the short url reiqr.com/266 now redirects to example.com/winter-sales-event

The code’s image pattern and short url remain the same no matter how often the destination url changes. Businesses can therefore reuse the same Dynamic QR code and save on re-printing costs of promotional materials. Additionally Analytics can track QR Code scans which allows business owners to obtain user data such as:

  • How many scans
  • How many users are scanning the code
  • Scanning locations
  • Device and browser information

Purchase a Static or Dynamic QR Package with Oz Barcodes

Static QR Code

Encodes a single url (cannot be changed)

Dynamic QR Code

Unlimited url changes

QR Purchasing FAQ

How can I change the destination url of my Dynamic QR Code?

Fill out our Change Request Form. You’ll need to enter your invoice number along with the new url. Change requests are updated on the same business day but usually occur within an hour.

Can I use a QR Code for my product instead of an EAN or UPC?

Even though QR Codes can encode more information they can’t be used to replace EAN-13 or UPC-A for retail point of sale scanning. EAN and UPC are a global standard used by virtually every retailer worldwide. Supermarket retail scanners are not designed to read QR Codes. Products that display a QR Code for a complementary purpose alongside a standard EAN-13 or UPC-A.

Can I add colours or my business logo to the QR?

We supply our QR images in black and white. If you want your QR Code to have a logo or use different colours please contact us.

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