Barcode Image Service

Already have your own barcode numbers and need images generated?

Not many people are aware that GS1 Australia don’t actually make barcode images for their members. For businesses that have signed up to GS1 the added costs of generating barcode images through a GS1 affiliate partner can be staggering. Oz Barcodes can generate high resolution images of your existing GS1 or ISBNs in a multitude of formats and sizes at a fraction of the cost. Once your order is made we supply you with your images on the very same business day.

We offer image generation of EAN 13, UPC A, EAN 8, ITF 14 formats plus over 100 other 2D barcode formats. Our images are generated to GS1 standards and are guaranteed to scan first time, every time. Every package includes high resolution image formats in EPS (2540 DPI), JPEG (600 DPI) and TIFF (300 DPI). We also provide the open source OCRB Human Readable Font that is the GS1 standard.

Note: If your numbers do not have the check digit yet we will provide this as well as a completed codes list that can be imported into Excel or Numbers.

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Please note: This service is for generating barcode images and is applicable only if you already have barcode numbers allocated to you by GS1 or another third party.  To get retail barcode numbers and images supplied together proceed to our Buy Barcodes page.