93 Barcode Number Prefix

A barcode beginning with the 930 – 939 or “93” prefix indicates the number was issued by the Australian branch of the Global Standards Body (GS1). A “93” prefix however does not indicate the product is Australian or “Australian Made”. This is confirmed by GS1 Australia’s own 2015 media release Debunking the Urban Myth about GS1 Barcodes.

To obtain barcodes that begin with 93 you must licence them directly from the Australian branch of GS1. However, licencing barcodes from GS1 is prohibitively expensive to a lot of businesses and requires on-going yearly membership charges ($231 per year for 1 code). GS1 membership is a complicated process and using GS1 approved Alliance Partners for generating your barcode images is unnecessarily expensive.

There is no mandatory requirement to have a “93” prefix on an Australian product. Barcodes are a global standard and not restricted to use in a single country and are designed to work internationally. If you have a valid barcode number, it can be used in any county in the world.

To officially demonstrate that your product is Australian made refer to the government sponsored Made in Australia campaign. https://www.australianmade.com.au/

(!) Warning – Any barcode seller who claims to supply barcodes starting with a “93” prefix are misleading you. These fly by night sellers effectively “make up” 93 numbers with a high risk of duplication against GS1 Australia’s authentic numbers causing disruption in the supply chain. There is no relationship between these sellers and GS1 and they’re not authorized to sell the 93 prefix. If you purchase a 93 barcode from someone other than GS1 duplication is very likely. When a duplication occurs you will be liable. Retailers and distributors will generally side with an official GS1 license holder over a vendor using illegitimate numbers.

For your peace of mind obtain your barcode numbers from GS1 or a reputable reseller

To ensure your barcode is globally unique be sure they come from the GS1/UCC system. The barcodes sold by us were originally issued in bulk by the Uniform Code Council, now known as GS1. These codes we supply were issued prior to GS1’s subscription model and therfore do not incur annual GS1 fees. Currently, all of our stock has originated from the UCC, are globally unique, prefixed in the 060 – 089 range and have never been assigned to any products. Fundamentally our numbers work like any other barcode supplied by GS1 and are suitable for use in Australia and globally. We have served over 8000 Australian customers using the numbers we supply.

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