How to Register your Barcode Numbers

Barcodes are simply a unique identifier assigned to a product and recorded in a retailer’s inventory system. When purchasing a barcode package from Oz Barcodes the numbers supplied are unused and ready for assignment.

Assigning your numbers

Firstly the barcode number is assigned by the product owner or company to the desired product.  This is done by selecting an unused number from the supplied barcode numbers txt file e.g. “0743566472514” .  The matching barcode image e.g “0743566472514.eps” is then included on the product artwork file or printed on a label that is affixed to the chosen product.  It is advisable to keep an internal record of code assignments and regularly update it to avoid duplications.  Most of our customers assign their barcodes on an “as needed” basis and work from the top of the list down.

Methods to ensure your retailers can return your product information when scanning the barcode

Retailers all have different requirements. So it is advisable to read your vendor agreements to ensure supply chain requirements and barcode polices are met.  Once your barcode is inluded on your product’s packaging the barcode number has begun doing it’s job of representing your product in the supply chain.  Often retailers will need a little more information about a product when first taking inventory.   Below are some common methods used by retailers to ensure the correct information is returned when scanning.

1. Submitting an Excel Sheet to your retailer that demonstrates your barcode assignments.  This is useful when sending a large inventory e.g. 50 unique products and wish to include detailed product information.  Excel allows for more columns information to be included such as size, price, ingredients etc.  The retailer will manually enter the relevant information into their POS system so the product details will be returned when scanned at POS.

2. In other cases, you’ll be required by your retailer to fill out a vendor form (or product information form) linking your product/company information to the unique barcode number.  The retailer will transfer this information into their inventory system allowing your product to be scanned at POS.

Online Platforms

For e-commerce platforms (Amazon, Ebay, Woocommerce), a field for the “Product ID” or similar is used to enter your barcode number. This is simlar to a vendor form where you’ll be able to enter further product information such as size, weight, ingredients, etc.

Smartphone Apps & Online Databases

For your product’s barcode to be scanned by smartphone apps, you’ll need to register your barcode number and product info with the company or organisation that maintains a database subscribed to by the app developers.  Listing your items with free database sites such as the below will increase the online visibility of your codes & products online.  Additionally, entering your product information on online platforms such as Amazon, Google Merchant and Ebay will allow Google to index your barcode numbers. (using the former’s open source database and Rest API)