How to download and open the .zip folder

We deliver your barcode package instantly to your nominated email address after you clear the checkout. You will find your images, numbers and OCRB human readable font inside a .zip folder attached to the automated email.

The following instructions will assist you in opening the .zip folder to access your files.

For Personal Computers (PC)

1 – Locate and download the folder. You will find the folder attached to the email sent to the email address used at the checkout.
The zip folder will be named according to the number range of barcodes purchased for example: 0746935234706 – for 10 barcodes.
Hit download to download the file. Make sure to remember the location where your computer downloads to

2 – Locate the folder on your computer.
Unless you have changed the standard download location it will appear in “My Downloads”

3 – Right click on the folder and click on “Extract All” or “Extract Here”. The folder is now unzipped and you can access the files.

For Apple Macintosh (MAC)

1 – Simply double click the folder on your email attachment to access the files.

If you require further assistance opening the zip folder please use the following links for more detailed instructions.


Now that your folder is extracted you can access the files. The images are inside labelled folders for example UPC >EPS to access the EPS file type in UPC format or EAN->TIFF to access the TIFF file type in EAN 13 format.

PLEASE NOTE – For the OCRB font to correctly display in image editing programs such as Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator you will need to install the font onto your computer.