Carton Codes (ITF-14)

ITF-14 barcodes (Interleaved Two of Five) is a 14 digit barcode symbol commonly used on logistics and warehouse units.  An ITF-14 is often simply referred to as a “Carton Code”. Units using an ITF-14 barcode can contain multiple instances of the same product or mixed lots of assorted products. Larger retailers and distributors often require ITF-14 carton codes in order to accurately track your products/logistics units as they move within the supply chain.  It should be noted that ITF-14s are not intended for retail point of sale. Conversely EAN-13 and UPC-A barcodes are not intended to be used for logistics units.

Useage – Instances where a Carton contains a quantity of the same product the ITF-14’s reference number will correspond to the product’s EAN-13 barcode.  Instances where a Carton contains a “mixed lot” of various products a new EAN-13 product code is assigned to represent the mixed lot.

Packaging Level Indicator – This is the first digit seen on the ITF-14 code.  The packaging level number can range from 0 – 8  however a 9 cannot be used (variable weight only).  Our standard orders of ITF-14 numbers generally use the 1st or 2nd level packaging indicators (1) and (2).

We can supply corresponding ITF-14 Carton Code packages for your EAN-13 or UPC-A numbers.  Simply contact us by emailing [email protected] along with your receipt number or barcodes list.  If you require a packaging level indicator other than (1) or (2) please include this information.