Barcode Verification

Barcode Verification is a test that determines the quality of a printed barcode on a product’s packaging.  A barcode verifier machine is used to scan the printed barcode several times at varying angles and gives an ISO grade (4 – 0 / A – F) on a Barcode Verification Report.  The lower the resulting grade the more likely the barcode will have scanning difficulties.   Having an acceptable verification report is often a prerequisite to supplying larger retailers.  Major retailers typically require printed barcodes to have an ISO grade of 1.5 or higher.Barcode Verification reports can also indicate what needs to be done to improve barcode quality.  Common causes for failed barcode verification include:

– Removal or reduction of the quiet zones (the white space either side of the code)
– Truncating the code e.g. significantly reducing the height of the barcode
– Incorrect colour combination (black bars on white background is ideal)
– Poor print resolution
– Excessive print bleed
– Incorrect check digit or non standard encoding e.g. an incorrect format
– Barcode is placed over a corner, obscured by shrink wrap or printed on an uneven surface rendering it unreadable

The EAN-13 and UPC-A barcode images we supply will pass a verification report given they are printed correctly (within 80% – 200% magnification) and not adversely altered at the graphic design stage.

Where to obtain a Barcode Verification Report

GS1 run verification reports regardless of where the barcode number is sourced.  Verification reports can also be sourced outside of GS1 meeting most retailer requirements.  Examples of this would be Coles, Bunnings, Dan Murphys who all stock products using re-seller codes. For more information please visit.

The barcode images we supply are guaranteed to pass a Barcode Verification report with a very high grade (commonly ISO grade 4) provided the print quality is sufficient and the images have not been negatively altered.

If you obtain a verification report from GS1 it will show N/A in the “GS1 Company Prefix” row. This simply means that you have not obtained the code directly from GS1 – as you have purchased it through Oz Barcodes.