1 Barcode

1 x GTIN in both 13 digit superset (EAN-13) and 12 digit subset (UPC-A) .

This barcode package Includes:

– 1 Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) for a consumer product (both 13 digit EAN-13 and 12 digit UPC-A versions included).
– High Resolution digital barcode image files in EPS (2450 DPI), JPEG (600 DPI) and TIFF (300 DPI).  This barcode image size is set to the standard GS1 100% Magnification specification – 37.21 x 25.91 mm.
– Certificate of GTIN Assignment pdf file (automatically sent as a separate email attachment).
– Barcode List txt file of EAN-13 (13 digits) for use in Excel, Numbers etc.
– OCRB Human Readable Font (open source) that embeds in the barcode image when opening the EPS file format in Photoshop, Illustrator etc.

Package is delivered in zip folder format via Dropbox download link. See instructions for downloading and extracting the folder contents.

Suitable for all retail items with the exception of books, magazines (ISBN and ISSN), prescription pharmaceuticals (Pharmacodes) and variable weight items e.g. minced meat sold by the kilo at a Deli.

Barcode numbers and product information can be submitted to gtinlookup.org for free.