Amazon Acceptance – Using GTINs on Amazon

Amazon’s barcode acceptance policies and its enforcement are subject to change.  We therefore cannot guarantee that the barcodes we supply will always be accepted by Amazon.  To be certain of Amazon’s latest requirements we recommended contacting Amazon directly. Amazon’s current stated policy prefers that sellers are members of GS1.  However Amazon’s enforcement of this varies with … Read more

Barcodes for Magazines & Serials ISSN

The EAN-13 and UPC-A Barcodes we supply are not intended for Magazines and serial publications. Magazines require an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN).  These can be obtained from the Australian ISSN Agency.  Visit We can also assist you if you require images for your ISSNs.

Carton Codes (ITF-14)

ITF-14 barcodes (Interleaved Two of Five) is a 14 digit barcode symbol commonly used on logistics and warehouse units.  An ITF-14 is often simply referred to as a “Carton Code”. Units using an ITF-14 barcode can contain multiple instances of the same product or mixed lots of assorted products. Larger retailers and distributors often require ITF-14 carton … Read more

Barcode Verification

Barcode Verification is a test that determines the quality of a printed barcode on a product’s packaging.  A barcode verifier machine is used to scan the printed barcode several times at varying angles and gives an ISO grade (4 – 0 / A – F) on a Barcode Verification Report.  The lower the resulting grade … Read more

Barcodes for Books – ISBN

The standard barcode packages we supply include EAN-13 and UPC-A numbers along with digital images.  These numbers are not suitable for Books. Books require an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) using a range of numbers commonly prefixed with “978”.  This number range is reserved by the International ISBN Agency exclusively for print publications. To obtain … Read more

How to Register your Barcode Numbers

Barcodes are simply a unique identifier assigned to a product and recorded in a retailer’s inventory system. When purchasing a barcode package from Oz Barcodes the numbers supplied are unused and ready for assignment. Assigning your numbers Firstly the barcode number is assigned by the product owner or company to the desired product.  This is … Read more

Label Printing Options

The barcode images we supply are generally intended for inclusion on product artwork files such as Photoshop “.psd” or Adobe Illustrator “.ai” files.  However you can import the images or barcode numbers into label making templates or enter the numbers into label making software.  When printing to labels directly there are a few options as … Read more